Building Brilliant Business Leaders

Today’s graduates are innovative, entrepreneurial and have great potential. A huge barrier to getting a job is not their potential, but their lack of experience and knowledge about the world of business.

The education system and traditional training courses do not help graduates understand what is expected from them in business. What they need are the skills to immediately make a huge impression, build confidence and deliver brilliance from day one.

The best candidates – those that stand out and allow their potential to shine through – are those who show awareness, adaptability and are inquisitive. Being business-savvy, even before they walk through the interview room door, is a huge advantage in today’s war for talent.

That’s why we set up Flying Start XP – to harness the natural potential of graduates and allow them to thrive as the next generation of brilliant business leaders. To see what we love about the course, watch our video.

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FlyingStart XP - James Prior

James Prior – Business Director

Officer – Drinks Marketeer – Employee Engagement Consultant – Ocean Rower – Career Accelerator – Husband and Father of four boys

I believe that all young people heading into business for the first time have huge potential.
I have learned that many don’t have an understanding of how businesses run; they don’t have the skills to hit the ground running and so are unable to add their true value from day one.
I know that using tried and tested experiential methods we can give them that edge, we can help them stand out, we can give them the Flying Start in business they deserve.

FlyingStart XP - Alex Webb

Alex Webb – Course Director

Teacher – Sports Media – Employee Engagement Manager – Experiential Marketing & Events Director – International Sports Coach – Startups Consultant – Career Accelerator – Wife and Mother of two boys

I believe that you should take every opportunity that is presented to you, you never know where it will lead.
I have learned the more you connect and respect those you meet along the way, the more doors open for you
I know that everyone is great at something and I want to mentor them to be the best they can be.


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